Ceramic grinding balls in grinding GCC, achieve fine particle size(8-25μ in Wolkem)

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Wollastonite is a calcium metasilicate mineral with a chemical formula of Ca[SiO3], containing CaO 48.3% and SiO2 51.7%. Due to its special needle-like structure, white color and low oil absorption, as well as non-toxic, chemical resistance, good thermal stability, low electrical conductivity, good insulation and other excellent properties, it is widely used in ceramics, plastics, rubber, paints , coatings, pigments, resins, refractory materials, building materials, papermaking, machining and other fields.

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The world's large wollastonite deposits are mainly distributed in China, the United States, India, Mexico and Finland. Among them, the wollastonite deposits in India are mainly distributed in the Dungarpur, Pali, Sirohi and Udaipur areas of Rajasthan. Its main wollastonite producers are Wolkem and Renu Atre. Among them, Wolkem is the largest wollastonite producer in India, and its output accounts for 90% of India's total output.

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Milled products (100 to 500 mesh); white micronized products (8 to 25 μ for d97); specialty products (based on sediment volume, controlled bulk density and sieving analysis); surface modified products.

Use alumina balls or zirconia compound balls can achieve the particle size.

Typical chemical properties

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Application of wollastonite products:

Wollastonite products are used in ceramics, building materials fillers, friction materials, coatings, polymers, metallurgy, cosmetics, adhesives, asbestos, glass fiber substitutes and many other industries.

Application in ceramics:

Wolkem's ground wollastonite is an ideal reinforcing filler for ceramic wall and floor tile blanks, frits, glazes, and thermal and electrical insulation materials.

Application in coatings:

Uncoated and surface-modified ground and micronized wollastonite grades are excellent functional fillers and paint pigments for use in marine and industrial coatings, oil- and water-based interior and exterior coatings, and cementitious coatings.

Applications in polymers:

Uncoated and surface-modified HAR wollastonite grades provide excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength, improved flow and high heat distortion in nylon, PBT, PP, SMC, DMC, epoxy and PC compounds temperature, scratch resistance.

Wollastonite offers significant advantages such as higher loading, better product flow, product uniformity, reduced scratching, lower initial viscosity and faster mold cycles.

Application in friction materials

Ground, HAR, and surface modified wollastonite grades of wollastonite are highly inert, acicular in nature, and have a melting point of 1540°C. Therefore, wollastonite grades are used as secondary reinforcing fillers for dry-blended non-asbestos organic friction materials such as brake linings, brake pads, clutch linings, friction papers and heavy blocks.

Application in building materials

Wollastonite has excellent thermal insulation properties and is widely used in the fields of fire protection, thermal insulation and electrical resistance. Wolkem's ground wollastonite and HAR wollastonite are an excellent additive for industrial insulation applications such as the production of board, slab and foam products. It is typically used in the construction industry where non-asbestos refractory additives are required.

High-quality mined ores are converted into various mineral products through scientific mining, beneficiation, grinding and surface treatment processes. Wollastonite rocks are beneficiated with unique beneficiation techniques to ensure consistent purity and brightness, and custom grades.

Using zirconia composite beads with a density of 4.5 g/cm3, the grinding technique enables the realization of highly acicular wollastonite and its automated process control system, which is properly supported by the latest instrumentation, ensuring consistency in quality and product delivery.

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