ISAMill Mining ceramic grinding media ball

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Zirconia-toughened alumina grinding ball is a new products with alumina balls' characters, high hardness, low wear loss, anti-corrosion and high density.

Optimal density

-ZTA milling media can beused without changing maine settings because the adapted density 4.05g/cm3 is nearly euqal to zirconsilicate. 

Compatible with all mill types

No breakage of the grinding media 

-Improved fracture toughness and bending strength guarantee high atbility of the media in the milling process under extrem conditions.

Low wear rate

-in comparison to glass and zirconsilicate beads in wear loss during milling process is very low, Under optimized conditions an extended life time can be achieved. 

Econmic advantage

-An extended life-time and longer refill or renewal cycles will also give a significant costt reduction for the user.

The IsaMill significantly reduces the energy requirement, and media and capital costs of fine grinding. Just as importantly, the processing advantages of inert grinding greatly improve metallurgical performance compared with conventional steel media.

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