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With the maturity of nano and ultra-fine powder technology, the continuous improvement of ink manufacturing technology and spraying device, digital inkjet printing technology has developed comprehensively and rapidly. Inkjet printer is accepted by more and more users because of its excellent cost performance. As the main consumables of inkjet printing, inkjet ink has become a research hotspot of businessmen and scholars. Ink for inkjet printing is usually a low viscosity liquid composed of solvent, colorant and special surfactant. So far, there are many types of inkjet printing inks

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E-ink has very high requirements for the pigments in it. The pigment molecules coated by the treatment need to move quickly under the drive of electric charge, and the background color needs to be covered when presenting a single color.  Therefore, for the pigment itself covering power, specific gravity, oil absorption and other properties to find a perfect balance point.  And the production of pigment in the E ink requires high quality zirconia beads such as 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm. With the  grinding media, the pigment will be attrited to nano stage and keep strong performance. 

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The E-Ink digital signage solutions are designed to perform in a wide variety of industries such as: transportation, retail, hospitality and many other in-demand verticals and applications.

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